Siennax   Spray tan
St. Tropez  spray Tan

Spray Tanning

By Sienna or St Tropez

Full Body            £28.00

St Topez Tan-  A cream based tan carefully applied with a mitt by our beauty therapist. Includes body exfoliation and moisturization. Also available for retail.

Full body               £45.00

Full body scrub    £30.00


We have private lockable tanning cabins housing one lay down Ergoline and one stand up Ergoline sunbed. Our sunbeds comply with current EU legislation and we offer a range of products that will deepen and extend your tan as well as advice on how to safely tan your skin type. Our private car park makes it nice and easy to pop in. Please book an appointment online or call 01869 253636 to check availability.

Laydown Single sessions (10mins)       £7.00

5 sessions + 1 free                                     £35.00 (60p per minute)

Stand Up Single Sessions          £1.00 per minute

54 minute course                         £45.00  (65p per minute)

Belle Hair & Beauty

Belle House

Bell Lane


OX26 6JQ

01869 253636

Reopening 12th April!!

Tuesday 9.30- 6.00

Wednesday 9.30 - 8.30

Thursday 9.30- 9.00

Friday 9.30- 8.00

Saturday 9.00- 4.30

Closing hours may vary, please call before you visit